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Rays of sunshine peaking through the clouds shining on smoke rising from the hills.The plan started years ago and has evolved and morphed into something very different than when we started. You can read about the earlier version here at “How did we get here.”  

 We should give everyone a general idea of what our plan is for the next year.  But first an update of where we currently are.  We are currently living in a rental house in Spokane.  Adrianne is working full time and I’m creating this site and taking care of the rest.  (Yes, I’ve got the better end of this deal but she’ll be doing well really soon.)   

We are still dwindling down our possessions in what I’ve been calling “The Purge”.  For the most part, the 20 years’ worth of stuff we have collected has been given away or sold.  Although we do still need some furniture to sit on and a bed to sleep in, so some things will be here until the last minute.  But luckily the house we are renting came mostly furnished.  This has been a huge help and has enabled us to move many items out of here already.  

In the next four months we need to figure out our additional transportation situation. Currently we have a Mazda 6 and a Kawasaki KLR.  Should we sell the Mazda and keep the KLR motorcycle as our only transportation?  Sell our current car and motorcycle and buy a car that can be towed?  Find a smaller pickup that can be towed and haul the motorcycle in the back?  The last option is clearly the most fun but also the most expensive.  I do enjoy riding dual sports and Adrianne just got her motorcycle endorsement this year.   It all depends on the deals we can find.  If it’s not a pickup, there are plenty of Toyota’s, Mazda’s, and Honda’s for sale at decent prices.  We will purchase an older vehicle since it will inevitably get some rock chips being towed behind a motor home.  Also vehicle depreciation is horrendous, we would like to keep our money where it can grow.  

We are undecided which direction to go once we first hit the road. Adrianne thinks we should head to Montana. I’m leaning toward central Washington.  Ace doesn’t care, as long as he’s with us, he’s happy.  The weather on the day we are ready to leave could be the deciding factor.  Whichever direction we choose, it will be the beginning of our RV adventure and the direction isn’t as important as the journey. 

For the most part we hope to avoid campgrounds as much as possible but we must be open to all available options to find our travel style.  We have a large battery bank (5 lifeline 8D’s) and solar panels, so we are set up to stay off grid for awhile.   Boondocking is our preferred style of camping but we haven’t  tried to live that way full time before, so we’ll see how that plays out.    

Our style of travel will be slow compared to most RVers.  Staying in most places for a least a couple weeks if not longer.  Slow travel will allow us to connect with more people and immerse ourselves in the local culture of a city or into nature if we are out in some remote forest.  This will require a shift in mindset, we will no longer be rushing around trying to see everything possible within a short week long vacation.  This will become our daily life and we must make it the best life possible.

Adrianne plans to quit her job in the Spring of 2018.  Leaving us roughly a month to move out of the rental, move into the RV, and make any required adjustments before taking off.     

We have a few dates on our calendar that will somewhat guide our path of travel.  First, we will attend a financial independence retreat over Memorial Day weekend near the Seattle area.  Second, we will join the family on their vacation to the coast at the end of June near Manzanita, Oregon.   Lastly, we plan on wintering somewhere in the Southwest region, possibly Arizona.  Other plans are in the works throughout the year but nothing is set in stone and as always, all things are subject to change.   

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