Our Gear

All gear listed on this page is equipment that we have used in the past our are currently using now.


1997 Monaco Signature 40ft Premier (All Electric) M-11 Celect Plus 450hp

97 Monaco Signature interior, our new living room for our full time RV living adventure.


(6) SUNPOWER 250W Mono Solar Panels  (1500W Total)

Victron SmartSolar MPPT 250/100 Charge Controller 250V 100A With Bluetooth

Temco 10awg Solar Wire

BougeRV Solar Connectors Crimper Tool Kit

BougeRV 12 PCS Solar MC4 Connectors

BougeRV Solar Y Branch Connectors

Junction Box  (Check size, you may need a larger box than we did)

Cable Glands

Terminal Block

MidNite Solar Breaker 20A 300VDC MNEPV20

120A Circuit Breaker w/Manual Reset

6 awg 30ft Flexible Cable Wire

4 awg 5ft Flexible Cable Wire

3/8″ Ring Terminals for 4 awg

1/4″ Ring Terminals for 4 awg

Heat Shrink for Wire

Dicor Self Leveling Lap Sealant

Eternabond 2″X50′

Step Drill Bit  (came in handy multiple times)



Motorcycle    (SOLD) 

We wanted to make the bike work but we were running into problems such as rain, frost, and groceries.  It was fun while it lasted!  See our new tow car below.

2006 KLR 650


KLR Motorcycle mounted on the bike carrier on the back of the RV while living full time in the RV.Tow Car

2009 Honda Fit Sport

Our new Honda Fit tow car right after getting a wash while traveling full time around the country in our RV.


Tow Package

Blue Ox Baseplate

Ready Brute Elite Tow Bar

NSA Blue Ox Clevis to Connect Tow Bar to Baseplate

ReadyStop  Towed Vehicle Emergency Break Away Kit

TowDaddy Universal Wiring Kit

Blue Ox Coiled Cable with female adapter


How we stay connected on the road.

We are using an Unlimited AT&T Hotspot, the ZTE Mobley. 

This requires a few adapters and the Unlimited Connected Car plan is no longer available.  But it’s only $20 per month, this was an amazing deal and it would appear that we are grandfathered in.

Unlocked Moto G6 on Page Plus (Verizon Network)

We are on the $29.99 per month plan with unlimited minutes, texts, and 2 gigs of data.  With our old Verizon phones we couldn’t use the hotspot feature, but with the Unlocked Moto G6 we can.  At least so far.  This is only used for rare cases when we can’t get AT&T service.

ZTE R2 on Visible

We pay $25 a month for unlimited minutes, text, and data on the Verizon network.  You are allowed to use the hotspot for 1 device at a time.  You can get around this by usb tethering the phone to a travel router, now you can connect all the devices you need.

Weboost 4G-X OTR

Click this Picture to Purchase from Best Buy

We purchased this Weboost 4G-X OTR from Best Buy using the Bundle and Save Sale.  You can find this under the the picture of the Weboost, it says “Frequently bought together”.  Purchase two additional cell phone accessories (must be qualifying items) and receive a huge discount.  This is the cheapest way I’ve found to purchase a Weboost 4G-X.  You can also use this link to purchase directly from Weboost. 

Weboost with OTR antenna mounted on the RV's TV antenna to get excellent cell coverage while traveling the country full time in our RV.
This is how we installed our OTR antenna.

The Weboost 4G-X OTR has really increased our signal strength and how far out in the boonies we can go.  This is a must if you want to stay connected while on the road.  If you have questions about this setup, feel free to ask.







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