About Us

If I had to describe our lives in one word, it would be “AWESOME”!!!  However, it wasn’t always this way, we have spent a long time creating the lives that we live now.  Every single person you meet today has something to share with you.  The real questions are, will they feel comfortable enough to share it with you?  Will you listen?  We have been very fortunate as we have crossed paths with the right people in our lives who were willing to share with us.  They taught us a lot about life and what is important in life. Now, we would like to pay that knowledge forward.  We decided to create evolvingescapades.com to help us establish a community of amazing people to share our experiences and  learn from one another.  We hope we can learn a thing or two about life and happiness, among other things, from our community. We are so glad you made it here! 

We will be traveling around the country in our RV starting around May 2018. This plan has been in the works for almost 3 years now. Wow, time flies when you’re having fun. Our goal is to meet and connect with as many people as possible as we slowly travel around the West Coast in 2018 and 2019. After that who knows, nothing is set in stone and our escapades are always evolving.


Hi there! We’re Adam, Adrianne, and Ace.

We are a mid-thirties married couple with a grumpy old man of a dog (Ace), currently living in a small town in Southeastern Washington State. After years of working and feeling unfulfilled in our jobs we are deciding to take a break for awhile. In this time we will see what all this country has to offer and find as many adventures as possible.

We purchased a 97 Monaco Signature (All Electric) in 2016 and have been taking some shorter distance trips to familiarize ourselves with it. There is so much to learn about these things. Not to mention attempting to get used to driving such a large beast of a rig.

At the moment we’re finishing up getting rid of most of our possessions and slowly moving our things into the RV. Winters here in Eastern Washington can get pretty nasty and cold so we decided to wait until the spring thaw to leave. Which we are estimating to be around May, 2018.  We are now living in the RV and getting adjusted to the new life.

If you would like to help us or contribute to our adventure, at absolutely no cost to you, please use our Amazon affiliate link for all your future shopping.  Just click the link (or click the Shop Amazon button in the menu on the homepage) and shop as you normally would.  Thank you!!!




Growing up in a small farming community gave him an appreciation for the outdoors.  He spent countless hours riding around the back roads and trails on a dual sport motorcycle.  This could have something to do with why there was a KLR strapped to the back of the RV.  By high school he was into cars but never stopped riding the motorbike. There is something very freeing about riding bikes.  Both the motorized and unmotorized versions.  While riding your mind will focus on the present, doing this allows you to experience everything about the ride. Life is so much better when you’re present and living life daily. 

When it came time to get a real job, he enjoyed cars enough that he ended up spending almost 15 years painting them in an auto body shop.  But, he had no idea at the time that doing so would ruin his interest in them.   By the time he left the automotive industry, he was riding a bicycle to work every day. 

Over the past year, he has been learning about websites and picking up some coding skills.  This should come in handy for this website and any future online opportunities that may arise.   

He enjoys the outdoors, traveling, and experiencing new things.  RVing sounded like the perfect way to combine all these things and so much more. Only time will tell if this will end up true or not.  Stay tuned to find out. 




Grew up in the Inland Northwest in the Lilac City of eastern Washington. A place that is not as large as Seattle or Portland, but is considered the “big city” to those who live on the out skirts of it. Adrianne has a Bachelors of Science degree in Environmental Science with a focus in Geology. She established her career helping people and the environment while working in the environmental, health and safety field.

She realized that there is much more to life than the “work till you die” syndrome. Life is too short to be wasting it in a manner that does not fulfill your happiness. Her desire to travel, meet new people, and have new experiences has helped her appreciate the little things in life and to not take anything for granted. The time has come to spread her wings and explore all that life has to offer. She is excited to experience these evolving escapades and hopes that you will come along with her!




Our dog Ace crouching down in playful position, before our full time RV adventure.He was 6 years old when we found him at the Humane Society.  He’s now 10 years old but still thinks he’s a puppy.  He is super smart and has been through multiple different training classes.  His most favorite thing in the world is playing fetch with his ball.  His tail is very long and will knock over anything in its path.  It can even knock over a garbage can when excited.  He loves his people and would do anything for them.