Make A Date…With Yourself!

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When was the last time you had a date with yourself?  Me, it’s been a long time.  I’ve reverted back to struggling with how to balance work and life.  I’ll admit I’ve been fairly horrible at balancing.  We all fall off of the band wagon every now and then.

When I finally slowed down enough to have a clear mindset, I was able to think and feel the sensation that I’ve been going going going for the past five to seven months.  I finished a major commitment and the very next day I went out to explore Yellowstone National Park.  Needless to say, I spent many days and weeks working on and preparing for said commitment, which left Adam to explore the park on his own.  Therefore, when I finally finished, Adam wanted a break and a day off from the park.  So, off I went. (By the way, you do an absurd amount of driving throughout Yellowstone.)  I wanted to go on a hike as well as see a few of the amazing attractions this beautiful park has to offer.

I had such a great time with myself! Everything I did, I did at my pace and because I wanted to do it.  You know its hard hiking a mountain with 20-40 mph winds.  Especially with the presence of smoke from all of the wildfires in the west, and not to mention the elevation gain.

It was very nice not worrying about slowing someone else down because I walk slower.  Or, that I took yet another stop to catch my breath.  Or, that I didn’t get too close to the edge to see the water falls because well I didn’t want to slip and fall and god knows how stable the tree at the edge really is.  Or, that I didn’t have to tell anyone “I have to stop, I need to pee” than dart into the trees.  It was really refreshing being quiet, listening to myself (my own thoughts, footsteps, breathing), the howling of the wind, the rushing of the waterfall, the trees swaying in the wind back and forth, the birds chirping.

When I finished the hike I certainly congratulated myself!  I was so proud of myself for committing to that hike and doing it on my own.

Connecting with myself helped me to remember, me.  I’m easily swayed into people pleasing casting myself aside for the sake of keeping things neutral.  When I connect with myself I’m able to feel okay with who I am, have become, and continue to grow into.  I learned a lot about myself.  What I like and dislike when hiking.  My comfort level – the speed at which I’m walking, how comfortable am I with being close to that edge, defining what is too close to the edge for me, the amount of stops needed to catch my breath.

Far too often I’m easily caught up in the chaos of life.  The surrounding noise becomes louder and next thing I know I’m easily agitated and aggravated, my patience is short, and it becomes harder for my to recognize that I haven’t given myself the quality time I need and deserve.  I feel it’s very important to connect with yourself, and continue to get to know yourself.  When you’re connecting with yourself, your building and strengthening your relationship with yourself.  Which will help you to build and strengthen your relationships with others.  Furthermore, it will also help you be more comfortable with yourself as well as with and around others.  Don’t abstain from discovering and rediscovering yourself.  It’s a very comforting and happy feeling when you’re connected with yourself.

Of course here are a few pictures:

On my way up.

Adrianne standing next to Mystic River in Yellowstone National Park.

The view from the top!  Way out in the distance is Old Faithful.

The view from the top of the hiking trail.

I was ecstatic when I finished the hike.

Adrianne standing next to the sign. Exploring the surrounding sites.  Not as sexy as other sites but it’s still neat to see!  It bubbles and gives off steam.

A picture of Mustard Spring in Yellowstone.

It’s important to drink a lot of water at this elevation.

Adrianne standing next to a sign in Yellowstone.

So, what are you waiting for?  Make a date and spend some quality time with yourself!

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