Time’s Up

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Picture of the sunset at the ocean during our full time RV adventure.


Time. It took me so long to realize that I value it much more than money. I did not connect the dots between time and money until recently, within the last couple of years. I always thought that I needed more money to make it in this world. It was as if money equaled security in my life. But subconsciously, it was time that mattered the most to me. Yet, I would not acknowledge that about myself until much later. Especially with reference to my working days.

Within the past month or so, some of my family members and dear friends have experienced the loss of a loved one(s). My heart goes out to them as nothing quiet prepares us for such an experience. Yet, each one of us will have our own experience with losing loved one(s). I think this is where perception is reality becomes so very true. Having experienced the loss of a loved one myself, I remember thinking and feeling β€œI didn’t have enough time with them”. I’m not sure that I’ll ever think or feel differently. What I do know is, that experience (with all of the good, the bad, and the ugly commingled together) changed me forever; and it taught me things about myself that I’m just now realizing the lessons I was meant to learn. I cannot imagine loss gets easier as time marches on, but I could be wrong.

Hearing about what my family members and friends are going through, and reflecting upon my own loss, pushes me back to questioning myself about what is important in my life. I can’t help but ask myself thought provoking questions such as:

  • When my time is up will I have any regrets?
  • If I lost a particular family member tomorrow, would we have parted on good terms?
  • How can I better handle loss even though its a part of life?
  • What am I doing with my time and is it worth it?
  • How do I want to be remembered during the time I spent here?
  • Am I making my time count?

As I search for the answers to those questions, I gaze nonchalantly at what is in front of me. Its almost as if the simple act of gazing will help the answers magically come to me. Here is what I get to gaze at:

Staring out at the Columbia river while living in our RV full time.

Looking at the Columbia river from the campground we were staying at durig our full time RV adventure.Standing on the beach at Maryhill State Park in Oregon while traveling on our full time RV adventure.

The beach with geese on it, Maryhill State park WA state on our full time RV adventure.Geese coming onto the beach from the water at Maryhill State Park in WA state while living in our RV full time.

Picture of a mountain from Rufus Landing in Oregon while boondocking on our full time RV adventure.

The beach at Rufus Landing near John Day Dam on the Columbia River while living in our RV full time.

Sunset from Rufus Landing while boondocking on Columbia River while living in the RV full time.Sunset picture at our free campsite on the Columbia river while living in our RV full time.Sunset and the Columbia river while boondocking and living in the RV full time.Windfarm on top of the hills at sunset across the river in WA state while boondocking near Rufus, OR on our Full time RV adventure.Sunset picture from Rufus landing, OR during our boondocking stay on our full time RV adventure.


Needless to say, I’m very fortunate to have this opportunity to look at such beauty while I sort through my lost thoughts. The answers have not magically appeared yet but I will continue to seek and define them for myself. I’m guilty at taking the present moment for granted, as it’s easy for me to look back at what was, and forward at what is to become.

We can never turn back the clock of time and if you’re not careful, time will spend itself. Maybe time heals all wounds. On the other hand, it can make it easier for people to become or stay estranged. I find that the older I get, the faster time flies. Currently, I have the time to focus on various aspects of my life and define what is important to me. Perhaps through this evolving escapades journey, I will learn to stop taking time for granted. I do not have a clue when my time is up, but I do know that I don’t want to be on my death bed listing any regrets. We all have choices in our lives. I chose to take this time for myself and cherish those who are in my life. Life is to short and the time is now.

8 Replies to “Time’s Up”

    1. Thanks Hunter! It is easy to forget to show gratitude and appreciation towards those around us and in our lives. Often times, we do not recognize it until they are gone.

  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on time and the wonderful pictures of the scenery. Glad hear you are enjoying your time.

  2. Lovely blog post, Adrianne! Made me think of my grandmother. Sadly, she passed away in Yakima last month. I had the chance to go say goodbye, and I almost didn’t take it, out of fear of how difficult it might be. I’m so glad I went. The remaining time I had with her was short but incredibly valuable and healing. I spent a lot of time with her and talking to her while she was alive, so that and this final visit allowed me to move on with few regrets. It was a valuable lesson in not letting time slip by, and always taking the chance to tell people you love them when you can!

    I love that you are letting yourself gaze at such beautiful scenery as you ponder life and how you want to spend it and interact with others πŸ™‚ Sounds like a nice form of meditation and reflection. Also, I really appreciated hearing from you today! (And will text you back now… πŸ™‚

    1. Thank you, Taylor! I’m glad you read and enjoyed my post. I’m sorry to hear about your grandmother. On the other hand, I’m very happy to hear that you decided, and found the time, to visit and say good-bye to her. It is not easy finding the courage to set aside the fear so that you can do what is right for you. πŸ™‚

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