Splendide 6000 Washer/Dryer Repairs

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Splendide 6000 1054M washer that we use in our RV during our full time RV adventure trip.

We are finally nearing the end of the must finish items on our to-do list before we hit the road for awhile.  While testing the washer/dryer combo, we noticed that the water kept coming into the washer even after we turned it off.  I did some online research and determined (after a few tests) that the water inlet valves failed.  The cold water inlet had completely failed and the hot water inlet was leaking.  

The previous owners had saved all the owners manuals, repair manuals, and part diagrams for every appliance.  This was a huge help in identifying what the model and part numbers were for this 22 year old washer/dryer combo.  We have the Splendide 6000 model 1054M washer and condensing dryer combo.  Splendide 6000 1054M washer and condensing dryer combo we use in our RV for the full time RV adventure.Now finding the parts for a limited use washer this old was proving to be challenging. I found the cold valve on Ebay for $85 and the hot valve for $48. Ouch.   At this point, I still haven’t been able to see inside the washer because it’s crammed into a cabinet with maybe an 1/4 inch gap on the sides and a permanently mounted shelf above it.  It was time to remove it from the cabinet and the RV. 

Before I started to remove anything, I needed to measure the width and length of the washer.  I’ve had a few problems removing things. The club chairs wouldn’t fit out the front door and the fridge doors needed to be removed so I could slide the fridge out far enough to gain access to the back of the fridge. Luckily, the washer fit out the door without disassembling anything.  This doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy. The Splendide is surprisingly heavy and while there is room, it’s very little.     

We did manage to get it out and take it to the garage for inspection.  We tested it again and confirmed the water inlet valves were the problem.  We ran a few cycles to make sure everything else was working as it should, we don’t need to repair an inlet valve only to have a bunch of other problems with it.  Everything else worked great.   Running a test on our Splendide 6000 washer outside the garage before replacing water inlet valves.

I noticed the water inlet valves were a common problem for all washers and they all looked relatively similar.  After some research, it seemed that you could use any inlet valve if it was of similar size, shape, and function.  I really didn’t want to pay the ridiculous prices for the correct part number when the exact same valve with a different part number was far cheaper.  I found a LG hot water inlet valve part #5220FR2006H and the LG cold water inlet valve part #5221ER1003A on Amazon that were for LG washers that looked just like what was used in the Splendide and they were $100 less.  Coming from Amazon with a Prime membership it would be here in 2 days, Ebay would have taken more than a week.  Water inlet valves are right at the top of our washer with great access and they were installed in less than 5 minutes.  We hooked everything back up to run a full test cycle while the washer was still in the garage and everything worked perfectly.   Old water inlet valves that were taken out of our Splendide 6000 washer dryer combo.Splendide 6000 water inlet valves needing replaced before our full time RV adventure.

Now we need to get it back into the RV.  In fact, it was far easier to get it back in now that I knew how it came out and where the trouble spots were.   While I did say easier, I wouldn’t say it was easy.  But we got it done, connected everything back up and checked for leaks.  Everything seems to be working as it should again.


While waiting for the washer parts I also finished cutting and installing the pieces of aluminum to secure the toolbox to the floor in the toolbox bay.

Toolbox with new mounts in lower RV bay before hitting the road full time in our RV.

Currently I’ve been doing some caulking, a few weeks ago it was raining constantly and I found a leak in the basement.  I was having trouble finding where the leak was coming from but I think I finally found it.  I’ll be testing it over the next couple days when the Dicor finally dries.  Hopefully, it will be fixed this time.  She’s almost road ready!

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