One Year Anniversary of Full Time RVing

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Its been a full year since we moved into and began living in our studio apartment on wheels! Hard to believe that one year has flown by.  Time will run away – with or without you.

This has been an extraordinary first year!  Even though I have no regrets about our first year of RVing, at times its been an arduous journey.  But, what life isn’t?  Dealing with life within the bounds of a non-conventional lifestyle, adds a different layer to the learning curve.  Perhaps I would have handled curve balls life threw at me this past year differently, if we did not live a nomadic lifestyle. Who knows.  A friend once told me “there is no perfect way of living life”.  I’m learning to understand and appreciate what that means.

I’ve done a lot of introspection of myself this past year.  Shocked because I never thought or expected that such a lifestyle would cause me to do so.  On the other hand, introspection has afforded me the opportunity to learn so much about myself!  I’m amazed at what I’m capable of, and who I am.  Yet, it took a nomadic lifestyle for me to see and recognize myself.  Such a personal journey will continue.

Our travels led us to the southwest for the winter season. Oh, the southwest has a unique beauty!

Apache Junction

Saguaro cactus with hills in background near Apache Junction, AZ.

Large saguaro cactus with sun behind it while hiking near the Superstition mountains in Arizona.

Long paved road leading to the Superstition mountains near Apache Junction, AZ.

American Girl Mine

Sunset from a boondocking spot near American Girl Mine road in Arizona.

A cloudy day with the mountains near American Girl Mine road in Arizona.

The hills from our boondocking location at American Girl Mine road in California.

Today we check out the Imperial Sand Dunes in California and they are beautiful.

Gunsight Wash

The hills near our boondocking spot near Gunsight wash in Arizona.

Organ Pipe Cactus in the Organ Pipe National Monument on a tour through the park.

Taking the scenic drive through Organ Pipe National Monument while boocking in Gunsight wash.

Picture of the mountains near Gunsight wash in Arizona.


A view of some mountains near Benson Arizona.

Mountain views in Arizona.

Adrianne standing in front of the rocks at Chiricahua National Monument.

A view of the Dragoon Mountains from the SKP Co-Op park just outside Benson, AZ.



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  1. Beautiful pictures. I miss my time hiking and biking in the Sonoran desert! Fwiw, self knowledge is probably the most important kind!

    1. Hi, Max! I never know that the desert has such beauty, until now. Now that I’ve seen it, I can understand why you miss it. 🙂 Self knowledge IS important, and mind blowing. I thought I knew myself and as it turns out, I’m learning a great deal about myself. Have you had a similar experience as a result of a drastic event or lifestyle change?

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