Living in Montana

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A view from Countryside RV Park with the trees changing colors and dramatic clouds in the background while we travel the country in our RV.

Staying at the Countryside RV Park just south of Dillon, Montana was a spectacular starting point to our escapades.  This was an amazing park to call home for a month, during the fall season.  The owners were unbelievably friendly and their services were very accommodating!  The park is easily accessible as it is located right off of the I-15.  There were trees throughout the park but on the outer circle of the park, rather than scattered in between the sites.  This was great because we did not have to dodge trees or tree limbs while maneuvering into our site.

The park has a combination of both pull-through and back-in sites, and it is divided into four main sections with a giant grass area in the middle.  Section A are pull-through sites that are close to Highway 278.  Section M are back-in sites that are next to Highway 278.  Both sections would hear more of the highway noise than sections B and C.  Section B are back in sites that are across from the section A sites.  Finally, section C sites are pull-though sites.  Both section B and C are furthest away from Highway 278.  Site C8 (a pull-though site) was our home.  We got a pull-through site because it was at the end of the prime peak RV season for the year.  There was a descent amount of space between each site.

Our RV parked in our site at Countryside RV park, we enjoyed this site and park as we travel around the country by RV.

Another view of Countryside RV park in Dillon Montana as we travel the West Coast full time in our RV.

View of our RV in our site at Countryside RV Park in Dillon Montana as we tour Mining and Ghost town in the surrounding areas.

Some of the other sites at Countryside RV Park in Dillon Montana while we stayed there as we traveled through Montana touring Ghost towns.

Washer machines and dryers, along with showers and toilets, are available for guests usage.  The laundry room, showers, and restrooms were very clean and pleasant smelling.  Also, there is a library of books to read if that’s your thing.  Or, if you’d rather watch something, a variety of DVDs are available for guests to borrow.  We have our own collection of books and DVDs so we had no need to borrow theirs.

This was a fairly quiet and clean park.  We hardly experienced any disruptions from neighboring dogs or guests.  Some highway and interstate noise but it was minimal and we didn’t pay attention to it.  Every now and than we heard a train whistle as a train would roll through the area.  However, it wasn’t constant or often.

The weather was variable.  Its high up in the mountains (approximately 5,200 feet) so the sun is more intense.  Bring and wear your sunblock even on cloudy days.  Furthermore, the winds could be ferocious mostly beginning in the early afternoon and onto the evening.  We never pulled our awnings outs as we didn’t want to chance it.  If the temperature high for the day was low 60s, in the sun I felt hot. If the winds whipped up, I felt cold, even in the sun.  In addition, our solar panels received plenty of sunshine.  However, we used the available electricity so we didn’t pay too much attention to how much our solar power brought in.  The winds seem to keep the bugs at bay.  I mostly saw flies and various gnats.  For the most part, the bugs were not too bad or noticeable.

The internet connection and signal was great.  The park offers free wi-fi, which we also took advantage of from time to time.  We didn’t experience too many issues with the wi-fi other than the occasional slowness due to all of the other RVers using it.  We use AT&T for our internet connection and we had no problem with the signal coverage.  As a result, we did not use our WeBoost to boost our internet signal.  We also use Verizon for our phones and again, no problem with signal coverage.  When exploring the surrounding mountains (Pioneer mountains, etc.) our cell phone coverage would drop.  This was to be expected.  After all, we were in the mountains!

The grass area on the outer ring of the RV park was a spacious place for Ace to be off leash and get his exercise.  As you know, Ace really enjoys playing ball, so this area was a great place for him to do that.  If he wasn’t playing than he had to be on leash while outside.  He doesn’t like being tied up so we didn’t bother with that.

Exploring the surrounding area was great.  We visited a few historical sites, Bannack State Park and Coolidge City. We drove the Pioneer Mountain scenic byway which is a must if you’re in the area.  We also enjoyed a little relaxing time at the Elkhorn Hotsprings.  The water was very warm and soothing.  There wasn’t a place to sit in the pool other than the stairs. Regardless, it felt nice to soak in a large bath.

View of the Elkhorn Hot Springs, we decided to take a break and enjoy a refresing dip in the magical hot springs.

A view of the smaller but also hotter hot springs pool at Elkhorn Hot Springs in Montana on our full time RV living adventure.

All in all, this is a beautiful part of our country.  We would stay here again and recommend the Countryside RV Park to other fellow RVers.  Whether you plan to stay in the area for a bit or are just passing through, the Countryside RV Park is a great place to accommodate both needs. Next stop… the Moab, Utah area.

If you’ve experienced Montana, tell me about your experience and leave a comment.

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