We Are Now Full Time RVers

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Jack Daniels Single Barrel Silver Select Whiskey once we moved into the RV full time to live.
Celebrating moving into the RV!!


The countdown clock to living in the RV is now at zero and we are now living in the RV.  There was a mad dash at the end of this transition.  Moving, cleaning the rental house, cleaning the RV, sorting through all the stuff we own, and figuring out where to put our stuff.  

The process of organizing the RV has been a monumental task in itself and it’s not finished yet.  Once we brought everything into the RV something became clear immediately, we have way too much stuff.  Also, all of (an unnamed persons) clothes won’t fit into the RV and it’s possible that I have too many tools.  We all know that the tools are more important than the clothes.  Don’t we? 


RV in disarray after putting our stuff in it to live full time in the RV.
Complete disarray.


Then we get to the items that we going to be stored and we notice that we’ve completely taken over the garage.  A car can’t be parked in there anymore.    Time to reevaluate what to keep.   We really did think that we downsized enough, we were so very wrong.   


Our stuff filling up the garage while moving into the RV full time.
Craziness right now.

Here is an update on what’s happening at this time. 

  • We are now living in the RV 
  • There is an RV organization plan being implemented (the word plan is being used very loosely here) 
  • Some RV maintenance that I still need to do (Large list) 
  • Swapping the club chairs for a recliner but must widen the door opening to do it 
  • Entertaining the idea of towing a car instead of the motorcycle due to various considerations 
  • Adrianne is still currently working and is commuting an hour each way (this will end in the near future but date unknown) 
  • A business needs to be created (we will discuss this in the future)
  • Ace and I will be taking care of the RV maintenance tasks 
  • Need to move the items we are going to store to their final destination
  • Get rid of all remaining items (garbage, giveaway, etc.) 

We got some work done yesterday but also spend the day hanging out with family, which was nice.  This is the first month since July 1999 I haven’t had to make a rent or mortgage payment.  What a nice feeling that is!  

All of this is an ongoing process, we will post more when the dust settles a bit.  The craziness should begin to subside soon, at least we hope so.   Stay tuned!

4 Replies to “We Are Now Full Time RVers”

  1. Congratulations, awesome that you made it! It’s insane to me that you still have too much stuff… a dire early warning for us. Tell Adrianne that she better hurry up and put in her notice!

    We checked out a 5th wheel we really like today, and got the brakes fixed in the truck – we’re excite to launch in a few months as well!

    1. Thanks Kudy!
      It was a long process but we finally made it. You’ve got a lot shorter window to get all that stuff done than we did, good luck. I would recommend getting rid of far more than you think. I read that so many times on RV blogs and we still ended up having to much stuff. It’s just part of the transition. I’m looking forward to reading about how your transition goes. That’s awesome you found a 5th wheel you really like, I hope it will be in your driveway soon. If it’s as sweet as that pickup, I’m sure it’s pretty nice. Can’t wait to see it!

  2. Wow, great progress. I loved the comment about not having to pay rent/mortgage – it shows that despite so many trees in your way you’re still able to step back and see the forest. Good luck as things progress!

    1. Thanks Sam!
      I will say that campground fees could be considered rent but we will be trying to avoid those as much as possible. We are currently staying on my families property, so no rent. Not having a monthly housing payment does feel great.

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