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  • We Visit Multiple National Parks Fall 2020
    The gap between blogs is ridiculous, I know. This leg of the trip was months ago! We’ve never claimed to be good bloggers!  But we’re here now, so let’s catch everyone up at where we’ve been. After we left Glacier NP we headed south toward Yellowstone National Park and stopped in Deer Lodge, MT for … Read more
  • Make A Date…With Yourself!
    When was the last time you had a date with yourself?  Me, it’s been a long time.  I’ve reverted back to struggling with how to balance work and life.  I’ll admit I’ve been fairly horrible at balancing.  We all fall off of the band wagon every now and then. When I finally slowed down enough … Read more
  • Heading To Glacier National Park
    After leaving Eastern WA we headed to Missoula, MT to explore a bit within the Lolo National Forest and the Missoula area. We stayed at the Square Dancing Center and Campground just outside Lolo, MT. It was a great little campground nestled in the trees with everything we needed and everyone was really friendly. No, … Read more
  • Mt St. Helens, Yearly RV Maintenance, And The Wheat Harvest
    As usual, I’m months behind on an update of where we are and what we’re up to. In our last post we had just installed solar and left Oregon. We’ll cover multiple months with this post, it’s been an eventful spring/summer.  I’ll try to keep it short on words and add more pictures. We moved … Read more
  • Adding Solar To An Older Class A Monaco RV
    Disclaimer: I am NOT a professional, this is only an informational post of what I did as a DIYer. *Edited post 7/8/20 to add total cost due to multiple requests Adding 1500 Watts Solar to a 1997 Monaco Signature I became interested in solar shortly after we started using the RV.  We have a 1997 … Read more