Stationary RV Living

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Rolling hills of the Palouse, one of our my destinations we've seen while living in our RV full time traveling the country.We’ve spent a great amount of time living in the RV stationary. Close to family where I’ve become accustom to seeing and visiting with them every day! Its been luxurious to watch the wheat and barley fields sway back and forth in the wind each day while enjoying my morning coffee. Its a beautiful phenomenon watching the fields go from green color to a gorgeous golden yellow color (which indicates its ready to be harvested). Giving myself such a beautiful morning scenery has helped me realize a few things.

Rollings hills showing the wheat is almost ready, we are gearing up to work the wheat harvest down on the Palouse while traveling full time in our RV.I find that its way too easy for me to become complacent with the way things are in the present moment. I like staying put and not moving around so much. I like having convenient partial (and full) utilities where I can turn on the heater if its a chilly morning. I like leaving the jacks in place and the blocks underneath them. When we are low on food because I haven’t made it to the grocery store yet, I’ll just go inside the house and see what’s for lunch and dinner. I’ll shower inside the house rather than the RV,  therefore we don’t have to dump the gray tank too often. If I forgot to grab something from the grocery store, I’ll just have so and so grab it for me as they plan to do their grocery shopping. I think complacency is natural and I am realizing just how complacent I can become. Simultaneously, complacent equals comfortable.

Even though staying put for awhile is great and probably my preference (I think), its thrilling to see, be, and experience a new place! This excitement is a great reminder that I should be willing and open minded about change. That I should actively continue to take that first step into the direction I want to be headed in life. Rather than staying complacent because its comfortable and what I know. By no means is this easy. Moving forward into the unknown can be worrisome for me.

Close up of wheat standing next to wheat that has already been cut in a field were we are working on our full time RV living adventure.Its really easy to fret about moving our studio apartment on wheels. I often wonder if my mind goes into a mild panic mode, such that it focuses on nonessential things. For example, I begin to feel cluttered if there are multiple things on counter tops or laying out somewhere not moved or used for days. Or, I feel like I need to dust, vacuum, or clean our bathroom areas. I think when I begin to panic, I channel that energy into worrying about unimportant things. Simply put, I begin to fret and how my brain compensates for that state of mind is by focusing my attention on the negligible items in my home. Hm. The brain is fascinating! Just fascinating! What is even more fascinating is that I have the power to change my thinking and the electrical pathways my brain has established.

The sun setting over stalks of wheat as we travel the country living full time in the RV.Hopefully our escapades will teach me to continue to strive for personal growth and minimize falling back into old habits. That facing and going into the unknown will become less apprehensive. To embrace change! To let go of the little things in life. And, that traveling is a good vibe for my spirit!

Extremely red sunset, forrest fires are buring everywhere around us as we are stationary living full time in the RV in WA state while working the wheat harvest.

4 Replies to “Stationary RV Living”

  1. Hey Adrianne-
    Thanks for this meditative post. I also feel a correlation between mental state and order around the house. Like, if I have a big project to work on that needs a lot of brain power/focus, I have this compulsive need to organize the house first. It’s as if I need to have mental quiet in the surrounding environment before I can focus on something else. Until I read your post just now, I never realized that the only link between the two is in my head. Food for thought.

    1. Hey Sam! Thanks for reading my post and sharing your experience. Its truly amazing how powerful the brain is! Typically (not always) its the culprit of many behaviors, reactions, or habits.

  2. While we definitely enjoyed seeing a bunch of different places in our first month of RVing, moving around can be mentally exhausting! We’ve also failed at boondocking at all so far – every single night we’ve had at least a 15 amp electric hookup – I admire the fact that you guys have pushed the boundaries and your comfort a bit to try out some boondocking spots.

    It is a challenge to approach this lifestyle with perfect balance – some adventure and exploration balanced with comfort and predictability. I appreciate your insights – and I wish you guys good luck in harnessing the benefits of travel while you have the chance!

  3. Absolutely moving around is mentally exhausting. As we continue to do it, I’m hopeful that our rhythm will become more refined and we won’t be so exhausted. Well said, Kudy – finding that balance with this lifestyle. Having certain amenities surly is nice! I’m finding there is a LOT involved with boondocking than I originally thought (especially because of our size). I think the more we push the boundaries, the more that push will become less resistant. Plus, there’s so much to learn!

    Thanks for reading my post and sharing, Kudy! Good luck to you guys too as you continue to find your groove with this lifestyle. Perhaps at some point we will be able to meet up while on the road?!

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