Here We Go Again!

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A long road leading to the mountains on our full time RV adventure.

Here we go again!  We’re back on the road!  (Actually, we hit the road about 3 weeks ago, I’m just way behind.)

Wow. Time really flies by. It’s been months since I’ve written anything on the blog. Both Adrianne and I have been doing some work for the last few months, but now the majority of work is finished and we’re almost ready to go.

We forgot how hard it was to say good bye to family. It’s always nice to be able to visit for awhile. One of the best parts of this lifestyle is being able to stop long enough to be able to really spend time with family. Not just a shared meal at a birthday or some other party. We are very fortunate to have great family members and the flexibility to stay longer periods of time. We got some help hooking up the tow car from the boss.


Chloe helping Adam hook up the car to the RV before hitting the road full time again.

We plan to fulfill one more obligation in WA State (Tacoma) and then we’ll be heading slowly south toward Arizona again. We’re currently staying at the Evergreen Coho SKP RV Park in Chimacum, WA for all of September.  We love Escapee members and the Co-op parks, they’re just so friendly!


Our rental lot in the Evergreen Coho SKP park in Chimacum, WA.


A short trip to hike to a waterfall near Mt. Rainier during our stay.


We really enjoyed our stay in Benson at the SKP Saguaro Co-Op park this last winter. The SKP parks and the people staying within them have been awesome! Adrianne and I were both taken on a Jeep tour on several occasions during our stay. We’re planning on staying again this winter at some point.


Adam on a Jeep Tour out in the Arizona desert with a group of Escapee's from the Saguaro Co-op in Benson, Arizona.Adam on a Jeep Tour out in the Arizona desert with a group of Escapee's from the Saguaro Co-op in Benson, Arizona.


Our path will likely take us down the coast this year and once again we’ll end up near Phoenix for the holidays. We’re hoping to be able to meet our friends Kevin and Carrie from  in California.  We’ll also be heading to the Xscapers Annual Bash in Lake Havasu, since we joined the Escapees/Xscapers earlier this year. This will be instead of heading to the Rubber Tramp Rendezvous like we did last year.  We also plan on meeting up with the Music and Mind Camp again this year.

A month or so ago, I finished working the wheat harvest again this year. This was the strangest harvest I’ve ever worked so far. I ended up swimming in Coeur d’Alene lake one afternoon while fixing a boat lift; got pimped out to other farmers for a couple days; two rain storms shut us down for days; we helped flip a semi back upright after it blew a tire; veered off road into a field; and tipped over on it’s side; and many nights we didn’t eat dinner until 10:30 pm. The weather in Eastern WA this spring and summer made the crop very late and was still green in some places. Unfortunately, I didn’t take very many pictures this summer. It’s been a crazy year so far!

Four Combines cutting wheat during harvest in Eastern Washington while I was doing seasonal work.Some of the combines lined up for service in the morning before getting started for the day.Truck tipped over in the field after blowing a tire and going off road.

This post is a quick update to what has been going on in our lives.  So many things have changed since we hit the road last year.  A huge piece of this journey has just been to try and find our groove.  It’s been full of trial and error and there’s so much more to try, we can’t wait!

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