Another Year On The Road 2020

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As we begin this New Year (yes, I realize it’s already February), I felt we needed to take a look back at 2019. We’ve been on the road for more than a year and a half. WOW! Where does all the time go?! We’ve had amazing adventures and we’ve hit a few bumps along the way. On our trip back to the Northwest in early 2019 took us to the Grand Canyon, Eastern Sierra Nevada Mountains, Crater Lake, and so much more. Plus, all the things we saw driving down the West Coast on our way back to the Southwest for winter.


Grand Canyon sunrise during our stay April 2019.Eastern Sierra Nevada Mountains, picture was taken in the Alabama Hills area.Adrianne taking a picture of Convict Lake in CA on our full time RV adventure.


The end of 2019 was really rough, the day after Christmas we ended up losing Ace to cancer.  That was really rough to deal with, he was with us from the beginning of this journey.  R.I.P. Ace…


Our dog Ace crouching down in playful position, before our full time RV adventure.

2019 was a year of learning for us (not that the learning will stop in 2020), we were trying to learn our style of traveling, among other things. We traveled fast, slow, and everything in between. Slow seems to be more our speed, but sometimes we need to get somewhere quickly and that requires some long driving days. The largest thing we felt was missing was “people time”, so we are attempting to introduce more of that into our lives. We added a number of additional social gatherings to our calendar this year.

Moving forward we’ll be meeting up with more groups and people. Last month we attended our first Xscapers event, the Annual Bash held in near Lake Havasu City, AZ.


We are standing in front of the Bahs sign at the Xscapers Annual Bash 2020 in Lake Havasu City.
It was a Theme Night at the Bash!


This was a gathering of about 800 people. That’s a lot of people for us, but we were able to meet some really cool people. Right after that we headed to La Posa South near Quartzsite to attend the Monaco gathering.


A large circle of Monaco RVs attending the meetup in LaPosa South LTVA area near Quartzsite, AZ.

We just arrived at the Music and Mind Camp and will be traveling with them for about 3 weeks.  It’s great to hang out with everyone in camp again!  There were many new faces in camp this year making it even larger and more fun than last year.


Superbowl party in the Mind and Music Camp at American Girl Mine in California.

On top of that, our friends from just arrived to come boondocking and traveling with us for a few weeks/months.  In May, we’ll be attending a personal finance retreat up in Washington with friends. It’s looking like 2020 is going to be a great year and there is so much more to come!

It has been great to be surrounded by so many people who travel the way we do and understand the way we live our lives. We feel very fortunate to live the life we do. No, it’s not all puppies and rainbows, but it’s pretty good. Not to mention, the weather this winter has really helped compared to last year which had more rain, wind, and cold weather. It’s hard to meet people around a campfire or for morning coffee when everyone is inside their rigs avoiding the rain and winds. Now that we’ve been around so many people for weeks, it’s time to go find some quite piece of the desert for a few days before returning to the groups of people.

8 Replies to “Another Year On The Road 2020”

    1. Hey Max! We should be near Port Townsend sometime in May (unless plans change), I’ll definitely look you up. It would be great to meet up!

    1. Hey Marla! We are looking forward to seeing you this spring, wish it was sooner rather than later. Maybe it’s time you to take a trip to the Southwest! It’s 75°F and sunny today, perfect weather conditions for us to be sitting outside lounging in the sun (although I prefer the shade). We’ll see you soon!

  1. Sorry to hear about Ace. 🙁 I’m glad you’re settling into your travel and camping groove! It looks like I’m going to have to back out of CM this year (for a good reason – conflict with another celebration!), but I just pulled the trigger on a new-to-me van. Looking forward to testing out van and pup on the road this spring and summer. So I will definitely be in touch!

    1. Hi Shawn! We were lucky to have had Ace for the time we did. We’ll miss you at CM this year. I hope you’ll be joining us in the Southwest next winter, that would be awesome! We’ll be up there in May (unless plans change), you’re welcome to join us anytime! If we can help you with anything van/rv related, just let us know, we’d be happy to help. We’ll see you in the spring!

  2. Adam and Adrienne, so sorry about Ace. I love catching your wanderlust adventures and appreciate that you share the ups and downs along the way. Those photos of the landscape blow my mind.

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