Slab City

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Welcome to Slab City booth at the entrance of Slab City while full time RVing.

Before heading to Slab City leaving Yuma we found a Giant Station with the best priced diesel we have found to date.  This is a welcome site when you’re putting in 150 gallons.


Diesel pump showing $2.69 per gallon in Yuma is the best price we've seen on our RV adventure.

We decided to meet up with a friend The Frugal Humanist in Slab City. Their rig broke down on the way to Quartzsite and we wanted to spend some time with them since we missed them in Quartzsite. All we knew was that they were camping with a few other people near the LOWS. Which I later learned was Loners On Wheels, they have an area of land they claim within Slab City.

We heard the stories about how bad Slab City was, how it’s a homeless camp, how unsafe it is, and how you might not make it out alive. It did remind me of a post apocalyptic world or something like a Mad Max landscape.  But it wasn’t as bad as some will make it out to be.


Artwork within Slab City on a old slab of concrete.

There is definitely a problem with garbage, mental illness, and drug abuse here and some of the people could be described as rough around the edges. However, this statement isn’t an accurate description of all the people who live here. Those we encountered here were very friendly and pleasant to be around.


Sign at Salvation Mountain that says gold never fails, Salvation mountain, with the mountain in the background.

I decided to visit the library one afternoon.


The Slab City library entrance is the most unique I've ever seen.Image inside of the Slab City library showing very broken down furniture and a fence made of trash.

It most certainly isn’t a luxury resort, you won’t find many luxuries here. However, you will see a lot of art. Some of it is really good.


Artwork painted on the old concrete foundations in Slab City.Artwork painted on the old concrete foundations in Slab City.Artwork painted on the old concrete foundations in Slab City.Artwork painted on the old concrete foundations in Slab City.

Some just seems like trash, I don’t mean to offend anyone, I would say the same thing about certain famous art as well.  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but sometimes this beholder just sees a pile of garbage.


Old car parts and junk made into some sort of art, but looks like a pile of garbage.

This old cistern didn’t fit that build, it had beautiful art, both inside and out.


Beautiful artwork on the side of an old cistern.

There are multiple different camps within Slab City.


Street signs within Slab City, one looks like an old missle sticking partially out of the ground.

We didn’t get to visit all of them, but did get to tour a few. We were only there for a few days and one of them rained most of the day and another was spent watching the Superbowl.


Big screen tv and speakers on the tailgate of a pickup for watching the superbowl with a crowd of 20 people.

We did get to see some live music at the Oasis.


Live music at the Oasis in Slab City.Live music at the Oasis in Slab City.

There are military testing grounds just North of the Slabs which allowed us to see many Apache helicopters and other aircraft flying low overhead. There was one night where it sounded like they were testing some large guns, that went on for about an hour or so. We found all the military testing to be quite amusing, it didn’t bother us at all.

Slab City is where we met up with and joined the Music and Mind Camp. This is a fascinating group of people who are traveling together, referring to the group as an intentional community.  They are a diverse group of people who are very welcoming. They enjoy playing music, watching movies outside under the stars, intellectual conversations, and learning together.  More on that later…

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