Cle Elum Camping

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A view of a long road lined with trees leading into a snow capped peak in the cascade mountains while scouting free camping places while living in our RV full time on an adventure.

Since Cle Elum we have been really busy with many different travels plans, fixing things, and life in general.  We’ll try and play catch up in the next month before my seasonal job begins, but we have a full schedule and we continue to add more to the daily list.   

 After Yakima we took a windy drive up through central WA and ended up on the eastern side of the Cascade mountains in Cle Elum.  We did not have more than an extension cord in more than a month. So, we decided it was time to find a place with full hook ups for a The entrance sign to Whispering Pines RV Park in Cle Elum, WA while living on our RV full time on this adventure.couple days.  A quick google search of RV parks in Cle Elum turned up Whispering Pines RV park.  It had decent reviews, it was located on the Yakima river, and had full hook ups.  The park is currently under renovations, they are doing a huge expansion of the park.  There is even a boat that you could rent out if you don’t have an RV.  It should be pretty nice when finished.   This area was also an area that we had wanted to explore and possibly find some good boondocking spots.  


You can walk on the trails that follow the river east from the campground and end up at a pond that is on the east end of the property; or, head west and follow the river until you enter Cle Elum.  Heading west you end up walking next to the interstate and while the view is great, the noise from the interstate can be a bit overwhelming. The campground is somewhat shielded from the noise by some trees and is set back from the interstate, the noise didn’t bother me in the campground.    The sites were average size and we had the options of full hook ups, electric/water, and some dry camping sites next to the pond.   River walking trail at Whispering Pines RV park in Cle Elum, WA during our stay here while living in our RV full time.

While there we ended up hunting for some boondocking places for future use when we come back through the area.  This led us higher up into the Teanaway Community Forest.  This was a great drive and we found excellent campgrounds that are free!  First, is the Teanaway Campsite which was paved all the way up until the entrance.  Once inside the campground, the road wasn’t pretty because there were deep potholes to deal with.  But, you could make it work, and many RVs that were parked there were large trailers.   I had not heard of the campground before visiting the area but many others had. Therefore, it was pretty full.  I was surprised at how many people were out there but there was still plenty of room to camp.   

Next, there was the 29 pines campground. This was also paved all the way to the campground but was higher up in the hills.  This was a nice scenic afternoon drive with views of snow capped peaks and all size RVs would have no problem getting there.  View of the snow capped peaks during our drive into the Teanaway Coumminty Forest while living in our RV full time.Once again, inside the campground the roads were full of enormous potholes and was not in good condition.  There was a couple of class As and large trailers but I wouldn’t go past the first few sites with ours.  The lower sites are right on the river and this would be an excellent place to stay.   A view of a snow capped peak in the Cascade mountains near Teanaway Community forest on our full time RV adventure.

Both of the campgrounds were remote sites and had zero internet or cell coverage.  This doesn’t bother us, although sometimes we have things we need to do online.  If we don’t need coverage next time we are in the area, this is where we will be staying.  We were there early in the season but we didn’t notice many mosquitoes or bugs, but that will probably change as it turns into summer.   This place is beautiful and we can’t wait to come back! 

We also had our first visitors while on the road camping.  We were able to spend Mother’s Day with Adrianne’s sister and our nieces in Cle Elum (yes, we are that far behind).  It’s always nice to have family visit while on the road.

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