A Quick Look Back And The Road Ahead

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This is the year, the year of change, transition, and adventure.  Very soon, both of us will be unemployed and beginning the transition into the RV life.  Getting to this point hasn’t been easy but all that work we’ve done over the last decade or so is about to pay off.   

Soon we will be living in 13% of the square footage we had in our first house.  While most people would feel depressed by that statement, we are super excited by it.   This will be the culmination of all our hard work to get to this point.  This is what we were working toward and the beginning is right around the corner.


Dining room of our house before living full time in the RV.
(Old) Dining room and half the living room
97 Monaco Signature interior, our new living room for our full time RV living adventure.
(New) Kitchen/Living/Dining Room






Many people have thought we were crazy, or at the very least slightly crazy.  Because only destitute people live in RVs, right?  No, not at all.  Although, there are many unfortunate people who do fall into this category, there are many others who don’t as well.  Anyone who claims that we would fall into the destitute category clearly hasn’t seen how we live, our lives are pretty great.  Pessimistic people just leave a bad taste in my mouth and I try to avoid them.  The world is far more amazing than these types of people could ever imagine.   

Those closest to us have shown nothing but happiness and support about our crazy plans.  These are the kind of people we want to keep in our lives.  The support and help they have given us over the years has been invaluable.  We couldn’t have done it without them.    

As the end of the year was closing, I began to remember all these people that have helped us along the way.  By far, our family was the largest contributors and the most helpful.  They allowed us to park and store the RV at their houses and shops since we bought it back in 2016.  Also, lending some of their tools, knowledge, and a hand on projects when needed.    I’ve enjoyed being able to spend so much time with them over the last year or so.

Our landlord was very helpful as well. He allowed us to stay in this house for more than three years.  He never wanted to be a landlord.  When we were scrambling to find a place to live after we sold our house back in 2014, he allowed us to move into his house instead of selling it.  He was going to move in with his girlfriend so we would be able to move in as soon as our house sold.  Because of his generosity, he had to move out faster than he probably would have liked.  I’ve known him for years and he has helped me out on many different occasions.  

Many friends, both old and new, are on this list too.  The support they have given us has made our lives easier. Last year, I was thinking about creating a website for our RV adventure but had no clue what I was doing.  While at a financial retreat, I mentioned this to a friend I had met there for the last few years.  He maintains a few websites and offered to help me get a site up and running.  I doubt we would have this website if it wasn’t for him.  His willingness to help and share his knowledge with us created this opportunity to share our journey with others.   (Thanks Kudy!!!) I hope to return the favor to all of those who has helped us along the way.

Adrianne and I are extremely grateful to have all of these people in our lives.  Without them we wouldn’t be where we are today.  Thank you to all who have helped us thus far and to those who will help us in the future.  We will do our best to pay forward the generosity that has been given to us.

While this next year will bring some new challenges, it will also bring many new people into our lives.  The RV community seems to be filled with many helpful and amazing people.  In the short time we’ve been RVers, we have come across many folks who have shared their paddle boards, food, drinks, ice, advice, and stories with us. We want to connect with as many of these amazing people as possible while on the road.  To hear their stories, future plans, and to give and receive help as needed.

Adrianne coming back from paddle boarding with campsite neighbor on our full time RV Adventure.
Adrianne paddle boarding with our campsite neighbor at Curlew Lake.


This will be our new support network, except this network is made of people we don’t know.   Leaving our current support network is a bit scary, we will need to rely on ourselves and these people we don’t know yet.  But, our old support network isn’t gone. They are just a phone call away.  While they wouldn’t physically be there, the tremendous amount of knowledge they do have, could be shared with us over the phone.  That is very reassuring to know and remember as we head into this new adventure.   

Most of this fear revolves around change, change is the unknown.  The unknown can be scary at times, but we can’t let that fear stop us.  Everyone’s life will put them in stressful situations, life has a tendency to do that.  It’s about how we react and handle these situations, both individually and as a couple.  Overcoming these types of situations will help us grow as a person and as a couple.  This adventure should change our perspective and broaden our horizons for the better.  Sharing experiences like this will forever strengthen the bonds that Adrianne and I share with one another.  Also, this will be a great story to tell later in life.  

What an exciting time it is right now.  The anticipation of leaving the comfort of what we know, being able to follow any opportunities that look promising, and letting go of our former assumptions of what life should look like.  I can’t wait to begin this adventure into the unknown and doing it while living in our mobile mansion on wheels.   Something tells me, this is only the beginning and the best is yet to come! 

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